Meditation Instructors

Phra Chayanon Kijjananto

Phra Kijjananto was born in Thailand and has been a Buddhist monk for 18 years. He started his life in a well-to-do Buddhist family. He has a loving family and a successful IT career. He had all the worldly achievement. After he learned meditation from the Dhammakaya temple in Thailand, he found his true happiness and has been practicing meditation ever since.  In 2005, he left everything behind and became monk with an intention to follow the True Path by meditating and sharing his insight with all human beings. He has been giving a weekly Dhamma Talk several projects i.e. The Middle Way project, IDOP project, MMC project, and POP House project. 

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Phramaha Karn Lawakorn

Phramaha Lawakorn became interested in Buddhism when he joined the Buddhist club in Thammasart University. In 2007, he became so passionate with temple work that he decided to quit studying Economics and focusing more on Buddhism.  He graduated 3rd level in Buddhist theology and has dedicated his time teaching basic computer to temple laypeople for 5 years and teaching drawing to children for 2 years.  During his time in the U.S., he has taught the meditation class at the Dhammakaya temple in Boston.  He is now residing in Meditation Center of D.C. and is one of the instructors for MDC meditation class.

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