Teaching Monks

Phrakru Vinaitorn Charnchai Piyawajago

Phrakru Piyawajago was born in Thailand and has been a Buddhist monk for more than 19 years. After getting trained on Dhammakaya meditation for three years, he went to Taiwan to study Buddhism in which he graduated with Bachelor degree from Fo Guang University  in Taiwan. He then came to Canada for the dissemination of the Dhamma in 2008.  Phrakru Piyawajago along with his monk colleague established a meditation center  in Montreal, Canada. In April 2014, The Sangha committees have appointed him as the Abbot of Meditation Center of DC, an non-profit organization in Metro DC area. His mission is to spread world peace through inner peace.




S__2957321Phramaha A-riya O-tato

Phramaha A-riya was born in Kalasin province in Thailand.  He ordained as a novice monk in 2002 and later ordained as a monk  in 2009. His interest is to study Pali language and Buddhism. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in Buddhism from Dhammachai Institute (DCI) and recieved a 6th level in Pali study. He has been teaching Pali language in DCI for many years. Currently he is residing in MDC and is an instructor for Buddhist Study class.





Phra Suwed Pathammavangso

Venerable Suwed started his life in a well-to-do Buddhist family. He would have been a successful Electrical Engineering in his country if communism had not taken over Lao. Having strong head and freedom loving, he could be killed if he continued to stay there. He managed to escape from Lao by swimming across a wide Mae-Kong river at night to Thailand. Apparently he survived the gun fire and got his freedom in the USA. He had it all what people called “America dream” but still didn’t know what the real happiness is until his friend invited him to learn meditation at this center in 2007. He got hooked by meditation and Buddhism and found what he has been searching for “A real freedom and a real happiness”.  He has been practicing meditation and studying Dhamma ever since.  In 2012, he was ordained with an intention to follow the way of the Lord Buddha in studying meditation and Dhamma to the highest level.  He has been teaching Buddhism and meditation in the UK, Switzerland, the US, and Thailand. He recently participated in five strenuous Walking Meditations for 30 days each in Thailand. Through his personal experience on the walking and sitting meditation and his life, he has profound knowledge on meditation and would like to share his insight with everyone.