Find Your Own Comfort

When you meditate, you might want to find the point that you feel most comfortable, both physically and mentally. If it is the right point for you, your mind would be still and soft and you would let go everything automatically. Our mind likes to be in comfortable environment. No need to worry about seeing an image, if you don’t see anything. Maintain this comfort as long as you can. Just notice effortlessly how you get to this point. Don’t analyze it. Once you know how to reach this comfort point, just practice it more and more. You will be good at it. Then you can pass into another stage of the mind. The real learning of Dhammakaya knowledge will begin automatically.

This will be your reward for dedicating your life to pursue happiness. You will feel great and proud of yourself that you have left everything behind and pursue perfection. When we have happiness and comfort in our mind day and night, nothing will be an obstacle for us. Because we have happiness nurturing our mind all the time. Our mind will be clear and be at home. Happiness will be increasing every day and every night over time. You will be joyous and proud.

Today I focus on finding your own comfort. You should determine to do it. If you don’t find it today, try doing again tomorrow. Keep doing again and again. One day you will find it for sure.

Venerable Dhammajayo Bhikkhu


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