Mindfulness Exercise and the Five Hindrances

In this session, we did the mindfulness exercise by carrying ping-pong ball and placing the needle on the water. Venerable Nattawat explained that our mind is like a ping-pong ball that we carried along. If we do not focus on the ball carrying, we might loose control and drop the ball easily. Similar to focusing on the crystal ball inside, if there are distractions arising, we cannot stay focused. Lord Buddha said that there are five distractions in meditation so called the five hindrances; sensual desire, ill will, sloth, restlessness (monkey mind) and doubt. Homework for us this week is to think of the ping-pong ball at the center during the day everyday. This way we have practiced bringing our mind back to the center of body. So when we come back to meditation class next week, our mind can withdraw from these distractions easily and is familiar with the center of body.

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