Inner Peace in Day Care

photo 4 (3)photo 4After Sandy learned middle way meditation, she has found her inner peace. Since then she has always wanted to share this feeling with everyone, especially all special little children in her daycare. Children in preschool age meditate together for 5 minutes, 3 times a day. Once she said “meditation time”, every kid went to his or her favorite corner right away. They sat cross-legged and closed their eyes gently.  Sandy guided them through relaxation and breathing. It is amazing that they can sit silently for 5 minutes and do not get bored. They seem to like it. Meditation now becomes a routine at day care and even at their home. One girl asked Sandy for meditation time. Another 5-year-old girl meditated at home when she didn’t come to this day care. Her mother was amazed and sent a picture of her daughter sitting quietly to Sandy. That made her feel so joyful. There are lots of benefits that kids can get from meditation including that they learn how to enjoy the silent time, be able to concentrate better, and be happy. They learn to be happy without winning the game or competition. The happiness that is simple and easy to get simply through closing their eyes. (To be continued next week)

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