Buddhist Study: Fundamental Knowledge of Buddhism

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Date(s) - 08/01/2015


Buddhist Study: Fundamental Knowledge of Buddhism

Instructor: Ven. Ariya Otato

Time: July 11 – Sept. 5

1 pm – 2:30 pm

Free Admission

Learn the fundamental knowledge of Buddhism in 8 sessions. The topics include introduction to the Buddha, the key principles that lead to the ultimate goal, the structural integrity and the teachings of the Holy Scriptures, study the meanings, practice the precepts, pray, and Buddhist terminology. It can be the base knowledge in practicing the Dhamma in depth and basic courtesy towards the Triple Gem. The lecture will be given by Venerable A-riya O-tato who completed the 7th level in Pali study system in Thailand. His teaching will be interpreted by our Thai interpreter. The topics covered each week are as follows.
1. Introduction
2. General knowledge of Buddhism
3. The Nature of Life According to Buddhism
4. The Triple Gem: The Core of Buddhism
5. The Lord Buddha
6. The Dhamma: The Lord Buddha’s Teachings
7. The Sangha: The Lord Buddha’s Disciples
8. Upasakas and Upasikas: Lay Devotees who Sit Near the Triple Gem
9. The Global Center of Buddhism
10. Conclusion.
For those who sign up will receive a link to download the e-book before attending the class.


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