Yoga and Meditation

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Date(s) - 09/23/2023


Meditation Instructors: Venerable Chayanon/ Venerable Yanakanto/ Venerable Weerapan 

If you are seeking to reconnect your body, mind, and spirit, this class is perfect for you. The session commences with a 30-45 minute session of Yoga to warm up the body and calm the mind. Following that, we engage in a 45-minute group meditation. The session concludes with Q&A.

Our program is designed to rejuvenate our well-being, as we firmly believe that a healthy body and a healthy mind are true forms of wealth.

Escape the chaos of daily life and find solace in this serene setting. Our yoga instructor will guide you through a series of gentle yoga poses n practices, and our monk will guide you through a soothing meditation designed to promote relaxation, inner peace, and mindfulness.

Yoga Instructor: Tuangrat McMaster (Tara)

Tara is a CEO of Healing process therapy and a certified medical massage therapist.  She has consistently practiced yoga and successfully completed a 200-hour certification program in Yoga. Her approach involves using yoga to induce physical relaxation, which allows for a deeper and more focused meditation practice.

Note: Please bring your own yoga mat


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