One-Day Meditation Retreat

One-Day Meditation Retreat

Saturday Nov.11, 2017

9 AM- 5 PM

We will practice guided meditation, walking meditation, and mindful eating. With these meditation lessons from experienced teaching monk, we will gain more mental energy, new insights and more importantly “Inner Peace”.

Purpose of Retreat

This event is designed for supporting our regular meditators to reach the stillness of the mind. 


This retreat is suitable for beginner, occasional or experienced meditators.  Age 17 years and older

Space: 20


Suggested donation amount is $20.Your donation are used to support our programs, projects, and operations. There will be a box to receive donation for our teaching monk which will be presented at the end of the session.


Thai food and refreshment will be served.


  9:00 AM  Welcome/Orientation

  9:15 AM  Meditation

10:00 AM Discussion, Q&A

10:15 AM Meditation

11:15 AM  Discussion, Q&A

11:30 AM   Lunch Break/Mindful Eating

12:30 PM  Walking Meditation if weather permits (please bring your walking shoe)

  1:30 PM  Meditation

  2:30 PM  Group Discussion

  3:00 PM  Stretching/ Body Scan

  3:30 PM  Meditation

  4:30 PM Dhamma Talk

  5:00 PM  End of Retreat

What to do before you attend the retreat?

We suggest you meditate at least 20 minutes or more every day before the retreat day. This way you have prepared your mind and are ready to practice extensively on the retreat day.

This Retreat is by reservation only.


Please read Visiting Guidelines before you attend the retreat.