Meditation for Kids

Meditation for Kids

Level: Beginner
Space: 10
Date: Saturday         Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Ages: 5-12

Date: TBD

These sessions will offer kids a healthy tool that they can learn to use now, or, later on, to benefit their lives now and/or in the future.  This tool will help kids to become introspective, calm in the midst of chaos, patient, positive, cheerful, generous, and compassionate as well as have a great memory. They can use this practice to maintain a healthy body and mind as they mature into adults. Like many other things, when kids start meditating from an early age, they begin to reap the benefits much sooner and can advance much sooner. Each session has a short introduction, an activity that assists meditation practice such as games, yoga, positive sharing and meditation. Parents are welcome to join the class with their kids

Suggested Donation: We accept any and all donations.  No amount is too small.  All donations are graciously received and the money is used with utmost appreciation and respect.