Group Meditation Session for Beginners

Group Meditation Session for Beginners

You will learn how to comfort and relax your body, how to discontinue the voice and picture in your mind using Mantra and Crystal Ball, and how to train your mind to go to its home base. The monk will guide you through different steps of practice, so you will see that mind training or meditation is not a complicate thing for you anymore. We welcome meditators at all levels. Please feel free to contact us should you have any comment.

Saturday 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

For newcomer, please arrive at 10-15 minutes before the session begins to get more information about the technique. There is no charge to attend this meditation session, though we accept donation (Dana) as a way to defray MDC’s expense for running the session. Our donation box is located at the front desk of the meditation hall.Please dress modestly in white or light beige color. Please read our visiting guidelines before joining the session.
– Introduction 5 min.
– Stretching Exercise 10 min.
– Body Scan 15 min.

– Meditation 40 min.

– Question and Answer 20 min.

At the end of meditation session, you will have a chance to ask question or discuss meditation experience with the monk or with or meditation coaches. Please feel free to let us know should you have any comment.