Meditation Homework for Daily Life

1. Upon waking. immediately reconnect your attention with the center of the body

2. Before getting up. take a minute to recollect that you are lucky still to be alive and remind yourself that one day in the future you must die for sure, spreading loving kindness to all living beings in the world.

3. Throughout the day create the feeling that you are united with the mental object at the center of the body

4. Take one minute of  every hour to still your mind and think of the mental object at the center of the body.

5. Recollect the mental object at the centre of the body while conducting other activities throughout the day.

6. make the world a nicer place to live in by smiling and speaking in an endearing way.

7. Make the effort to see the virtues in yourself and others. Congratulate others on their virtues and give them the opportunity to congratulate you on yours.

8. Keep daily notes of your meditation experience in a diary.

9. Before going to sleep. recollect the good deeds you have done throughout the day.

10. Center your mind before falling asleep.

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