This world is a large house which is the home to all of us.
If we keep it to ourselves, our home is full of strangers.
But if we are kind to our neighbors, our home feels warm
Even when we face difficulties, we will not be alone.
Because we have friends, who are always by our side.
Friendship is important in life.
Lord Buddha was to teach us how to befriend others by following Sankahawattu 4:

Be generous,
Speak kindly,
Help one another ,
Be consistent.
By just following these four simple instructions we will get in return hospitality, understanding, and real friendship, that lasts forever even when we are apart.
This world is the home to all of us
Lives that are so different
But do not let any differences become a barrier to friendship.

by Phra Maha Suwit Vichesako

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