Secret of Success in Meditation

In order to get to deeper meditative stage, we need to fine tune our technique to create relaxation, awareness, and continuity to the right level. If we don’t have enough attention, we could loose our focus as we may have random thought or fall asleep. If we forcefully quiet our mind, we might get stressed out. Find the right balance of relaxation and alertness, then maintain this stage with no expectation nor thought. Your meditation experience will soon improve. The meditator may come across some experiences such as “free falling or roller coaster” feeling, body expansion, body floating, tingling sensation and so on. These experiences are signs that the mind is moving close to its real base. Don’t be scared. Just observe them. These experiences have been documented in the “Tripitaka” since Lord Buddha’s time. Once we have good meditation experience, we will really love to meditate. At one point, our mind will become very peaceful yet powerful that no negative thought may affect our mind.

Given by Phra Nattawat in Saturday Meditation Session


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