Seek the Goodness in Others

Dhamma Talk Given by Venerable Medhigo in Meditation Class on Feb. 27, 2016
Before meditation session, Venerable Medhigo shared his way of thinking that keeps him happy and help him progressing in his meditation. Here is the summary of his talk:
We don’t live in this world alone. We interact with others who may have different points of view both at home and at work. Sometimes we have a tendency to notice other people’s faults prior to their virtues. These negative thoughts create unpleasant feeling and disrupt the otherwise peaceful mind. During meditation it is rather difficult and takes a long time to get rid of the readily lingering negative/unpleasant feeling. The better approach is to prevent the unpleasant thought to happen at all. We need to shift our focus to observing the goodness and kindness of others. It is challenging but the benefit makes it greatly worthwhile. Not only that we will have better relationship with others but we will also have a peaceful mind throughout the day. When we meditate, we can reach the point of stillness easily and eventually obtain the happiness inside.

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