Creating a habit of being mindful








When we create a habit of being mindful, we change from living day by day in our imaginations and with our distractions, to living a mindful life with continual awareness of thoughts and actions. In this way, we will have an awakened life. The seed of the Buddha will be awakened and grow inside us. We can practice mindfulness while going through all activities of daily life. We use each activity as an opportunity to practice mindfulness, until we achieve an awakened life. When we practice this way, we will find that sufferings diminish and later disappear. Stress, anger, and grief will decrease and eventually disappear. The mind will become stable, happy, light, peaceful, and clear. This brings contentment and refined happiness to our life. This kind of happiness cannot be purchased by any amount of money. It is the true happiness. The more we practice, the more we will have a refined and lighter mind. We will be happy and awakened everywhere we go.

Credit: Phramaha Worapoj Kittiwaro

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