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Become a part of our family. Together, we can transform ourselves and build a new world. If you are looking for practical ways to help and reach out MDC, there is a volunteer job for you.

MDC is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and Buddhist temple. By volunteering with us, together we can spread peace throughout this region. As an offering of your most precious time, volunteering is a most meaningful activity for one’s self and society. We welcome your participation.

 Title: English Language Conversation Leader

Time Involvement: 1 hour per week

Volunteer Summary:
Participates in an English Language Learners Conversation Group. Converses with monks or temple staffs for practising English skills. May speak with one person or a small group not more than 3 people. This is not teaching English, but providing practice for monks and temple staffs to improve English skills through conversation

Major Responsibilities:
Leads a conversation one-on-one or with a small group, listening attentively, helping individuals to pronounce words and create phrases, sentences, etc., and asking questions.Finds comfortable ways for individuals to practice, based on their skills and interests. For example, having the individual read aloud to you, reading a newspaper together, discussing material the person brings in, choosing themes of shared interest to the group. May work with temple staff to select materials to facilitate or supplement conversations.Keeps staff informed of the progress of the group.

Minimum age of 18. Available at least twice a month. Ability to speak English fluently. Must enjoy meeting and talking with people, have good interpersonal skills, and be able to adapt to changing needs. Ability to facilitate a discussion.

If you are interested in volunteering please get in-touch by e-mailing us.

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